Swiss composer and world renowned cellist has established himself in the motion picture and recording world as one of the most sought after talents of experimental acoustic and electric cello. He has created a revolutionary sound of his own by extending the traditional boundaries of the cello. Since his arrival in the USA in 1988, Martin Tillman has composed and/or performed on over 100 feature films, television series, commercials as well as performances live on TV and on international tours. Tillman began his studies in Europe and continued with the internationally celebrated cellist, Lynn Harrell. He received his Masters Degree in Performance from the University of Southern California in 1989.

Most recently, Tillman has been focusing his creative energy on his own compositions and recording projects. Currently, Tillman is writing on his next solo Project “superhuman”. His previous solo Cd was a very well received solo cello/piano album “A Year in Zurich” in where he both performs cello and piano. Previous albums by Martin Tillman: Eastern Twin (Rounders) and Cinematic Volunteer composed and produced by Martin Tillman and Tom Vedvik. The Poet, composed by Michael Hoppe, cello solos performed by Martin Tillman and Afterglow composed and performed by Michael Hoppe, Tim Wheater, Martin Tillman. Tillman’s highly distinctive style has inspired many musical artists. For Michael Mann’s movie “ALI” Tillman created a wonderful chamber-cello score which also features some original instrumental Songs from his album Eastern Twin. One of the most fruitful collaborations started when he recorded with Hans Zimmer on the Tony Scott movie The Fan. Since then Tillman has been given the chance to compose and perform for scores such as the last three Batman movies ,Total recall, Bullet to the head, The Oscars 2012, Life in a day, Cowboys and Aliens, Angels and demons, Prince of persia,” Pirates of the caribbean” 1-4 ,Black Hawk Down, Davinci code, The Pledge, Everlasting Piece, Mission Impossible 2,Hannibal, Ring one and two…… and many more.

Tillman has been invited to perform with many renowned recording artists including Sting, Elton John, T Bone Burnett, Alison Krauss, Elvis Costello, Beck, BB King, Air Supply and Tracy Chapman among many others.

Photo by Dennis Mukai


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